Desks in a Shared Space - A Flexible Office

Are you working from home or just starting up? Office space is a great step but usually requires a long term commitment. Rent a desk in our shared office space between Oxford and Faringdon.
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  • Month by month commitment
  • Flat rate pricing
  • No add-on costs
  • On site car parking
  • Lots of natural light
  • Quiet Location
  • Fast WiFi
  • Coffee & tea included
This great quality serviced office working space is ideal for new and established small businesses and organisations.

Located in the private grounds of an estate it is surrounded by 25,000 trees and has huge glass sliding doors along the entire length of its walls. We are currently finishing the exterior decking that will stretch along the entire length of both sides of the office

Premises costs for new and small businesses can be challenging. Working from home works for some but many people want the benefits of mixing with other workers during office hours. Our terms are simple with a single cost and a one month commitment with everything included.

We are located between Oxford, Faringdon and Wantage and have occupants working in software development, design and technical areas.

Our beautiful location makes coming to the office something to look forward to.


Shared office space, Oxford.

Are you looking for a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of Oxford City with its expensive and limited parking and the difficulty of travelling around the city.

THE SHED is an oasis of calm compared to the city centre.


Shared office space, Wantage.

With limited shared office space in Wantage, travel to THE SHED from Wantage is a simple daily commute.

You can have the benefits of contemporary office space without theĀ 


Shared office space, Faringdon.

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THE SHED, Minmere.

It's a treat to arrive at the office down the meandering drive, past the lake, through the trees and up to the glass lined offices.

– Stephen Graham,

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